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What is the Newquay Town and Parish Plan?

This is a Community-led plan of action, which sets out how the people of Newquay and its surrounding area wish to see their town develop in the future

Who did this plan?

This plan was driven by the community of Newquay. Leading the work was a Steering Group, chaired by Lady Helen Long, which represented a whole array of community based organisations and people. These included local residents, business, the Town Council, Residents Associations, Chamber of Commerce and schools.

By raising grant money, the group were able to involve the local people in driving this forward. Producing a plan for an area as large and diverse as Newquay was quite a task, so the Steering Committee engaged a professional co-ordinator to drive this process forward.

There have been a lot of plans and consultations, why do this one?

Other towns and areas within Cornwall have either already produced or are working on parish plans, which have fed into the Local Authority strategies to help voice the needs of their communities and set out how they will reach their goals. This is particularly important now that Cornwall is governed by a Unitary Authority, and it is essential that Newquay provides a strategy of its own.

The big difference with this plan is that it is being led by the community itself and with Local Authorities and Government now having to be more answerable to their communities, this is the perfect time for the community of Newquay to be articulating its needs and highlighting important issues which are important to it; influencing polices for the future and being able to drive forward projects and initiatives of its own. It will link to and influence a lot of these other plans - with the community's needs put right at the centre.

There are examples of these plans and the positive initiatives all around the region. Examples of projects and initiatives resulting from these plans include those in Saltash, Sturminster Newton in Dorset and Ivybridge in Devon (click on names for link). These initiatives started out from documents such as those contained within plans in Penzance or Newton Abbot (click on words to see).

How was this work done?

The key to the success of this plan was to get as many people within the community to contribute to it as much as possible. Different methods were used but the main method was an area-wide questionnaire which was available to everyone in the Parish over the summer of 2010.

Special effort was made to talk to those who might find difficulty in responding, such as the elderly, school children, homeless and those with disabilities.

Which areas does this cover?

The Districts which the Newquay plan covered mainly were the main town area and all built up areas including Pentire, Mayfield, Treloggan, Trencreek, Porth, Whipsiderry and St. Columb Minor, plus Gusti Veor, Gusti Vean, Chapel, Trewollack, Penrose, Trevelgue, Trebelsue, Watergate Bay and Tregurrian. However, we are also talking to people, businesses and groups from a wider area who influence and are influenced by what Newquay does.

What's been happening?

A public meeting took place in February to begin the process of developing the issues around particular areas of work. A presentation was made at that meeting about what the plan is (and isn't). In addition, local people and groups were able to make comments on the issues that would need addressing and the projects that need to be taken forward. A copy of this presentation is available by clicking here.

Many meetings and discussions then took place with a wide range of groups and individuals which have been focused around areas such as the "Economy", "Social issues, Civic Pride and Young People" and "The Environment."

These discussions have informed the Questionnaire (which was available both online and in paper form) which was launched on 28th June and was available to complete until the middle of September. The results of the questionnaire were then made available as part of the plan, whic was launched on 2nd December 2010. While that is being done various results were being made available through the press.

Following the launch the plan will be going through a process of being ratified by Newquay Town Council and Cornwall Council to give it it's due recognition as the way forward for the people of Newquay. The plan will then be ready to deliver the actions set out within it.

The Core Plan and the Summary are available for download by clicking here or following the links on the sidebar of this page.

For more information, please contact the Parish Plan Co-ordinator, Mark Goodman by clicking here.

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